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About Safety NW

Established in early 2012, Safety NW is a small family owned business located in Centralia, WA specializing in Personal Protection Equipment, Life Saving Safety Equipment and training supplies.  Safety NW is built on giving it's customers the lowest prices possible and provide the highest level of customer service.  With prices 20% lower than competitors like Grainger, Safety NW is aggressively pricing our products to give you the most for your dollar.  And in today's economy, every dollar counts.

We distribute the most widely known manufacturers in the safety protection industry.  Manufacturers like 3M, North Safety, MSA, Kimberly Clark and Dupont are just a few of the major manufactures that we carry.  With access to over 60,000 products, Safety NW can provide you with the products you are looking for.

As a small family owned business, it is easy to say that every dollar earned goes towards putting food on the table.  But, the reality is that 98% of Safety NW's customers are small businesses that every dollar saved goes to putting food on the table of their family.  So, the key is for Safety NW  to supply it's customers with as much of a discount as possible and provide superior  customer service to keep you coming back.

Safety NW has invested in technology to streamline the order process and reduce the shipping times. This gives customers competitive pricing and the products are pushed to you quickly.  Please feel free to "Like Us" on Facebook and Google +1 us.  Thank you for your interest in our company.

With warehouses in Washington, California, Texas and Ohio, your safety products are never far away from you.

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