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3M Respirator

3M Respirators are typically divided up into 3 Categories.  Each 3M Respirator offer specific benefits

Disposable 3M Respirator
- Economically cheaper for only occasional uses.  A 3M Respirator that is disposable is typically good for large or small group of people that need to use a respirator from time to time.  The disposable 3M Respirator provides an approved protection level from N95 (95% Particulate Filtration) to P100 (99.97 Particulate Filtration that is also Oil Proof).  If oil contacts a disposable 3M Respirator, then it is recommended that the 3M Respirator should be disposed.

Half Mask 3M Respirator - 3M Half Mask Respirators offer a greater variety of protection than 3M Disposable Respirator.  The Half Mask 3M Respirator and Full Face Respirator both use interchangeable filters and cartridges 

Full Face 3M Respirator - 3M Full Face Respirator is the ultimate protection when it comes 3M respirators.  They cover the eyes with Anti-Fogging lenses.  Considerably more expensive, but the Full Face 3M Respirator will last for years.  The Full Face 3M Respirator uses interchangeable filters and cartridges.

3M Respirator Filters
for Half Mask 3M Respirator and Full Face 3M Respirator