North N750052L Mercury Vapor Chlorine Respirator Cartridge

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      North N750052L Mercury Vapor and Chlorine Respirator Cartridge on sale from Safety NW

      Quantity: 1 Pair of North N750052L Mercury Vapor and Chlorine Cartridge

      This North N750052L Respirator Cartridge is NIOSH approved for Mercury Vapor and Chlorine  These threaded respirator cartridges are designed for the North 5500 and 7700 Series Half Mask Respirators and the North 5400 and 7600 Series Full Face Respirators.

      The North N750052L Respirator Cartridge offers no particulate filtration protection.  For a Mercury Vapor and Chlorine  protection with particulate protection, you may either combine a North pre-filter (7506N95, 7506P95 or 7506N99) and a North Filter Retainer (N750036), or purchase a North 75852P100L Organic Vapor P100 Respirator Cartridge.

      NIOSH Respirator Color Code:  Olive
      NIOSH Approval:  Mercury Vapor and Chlorine
      Cartridge Connection Type:  Threaded

      * The North N750052L is the new low profile version of the old North N750052
      ** The North N750052L is also referred to as North N7500-52

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