MSA 808071 Comfo Classic Soft Feel Silicone Half Mask Respirator Medium

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      MSA 808071 Comfo Classic Medium Half Mask Respirator on sale from Safety NW


      Quantity: 1 MSA 808071 Comfo Classic Respirator
      Respirator Size: Medium
      Respirator Material: SoftFeel Silicone
      Connection Type:  Threaded


      MSA 808071 Respirator Features:

        • SoftFeel facepiece increases rubber and silicone softness
        • Face seal design provides tight, comfortable fit


        The SoftFeel facepiece of the MSA 808071 Comfo Classic Half-Mask Respirator makes this unit dramatically more comfortable. The material increases the softness of both Hycar rubber and silicone, which are the two facepiece materials available with Comfo Classic respirators. The unit's unique face seal design also provides an exceptional fit.


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