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MSA 10119574 Advantage 420 Half Mask Respirator Large

by MSA
SKU MSA 10119574

MSA 10119574 Advantage 420 Large Half Mask Respirator on sale from Safety NW


Quantity: 1 MSA 10119574 Respirator
Respirator Size: Large
Respirator Material: Silicone
Connection Type:  Threaded or Bayonet


MSA 10119574 Respirator Features:

    • Respirator boasts several features to increase comfort and provide customized fit
    • Four-point yoke and harness design promotes easy donning and doffing
    • Easily switches between lock-down and drop-down mode
    • Designed for easy integration with other personal protective equipment
    • Latex-free


    With its UniBond over-mold facepiece, AnthroCurve face seal, and low profile design, the MSA Advantage 10119574 420 Respirator is the superior option for respiratory protection. The over-mold facepiece and face seal ensure the unit provides an excellent fit and comfort to the wearer. The unique yoke and harness design (patent pending) allows a user to easily don and doff the state-of-the-art respirator while maintaining a customized fit. Other features include a ComforTop headband, a built-in moisture release chin cup hole, and the extra-wide head and neck straps.  

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