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3M 16400 Fectoggles Safety Goggles Medium

by 3M
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SKU 3M 16400

3M 16400 Fectoggles Goggles on sale from Safety NW


Quantity: 1 Pair of 3M 16400 Fectoggles Goggles
Lens Color:  Clear
Anti-Fog:  Yes
Scratch Resistant:  Yes


3M 16400 Fectoggles Safety Goggles Details

Lightweight, durable Fectoggles safety goggles perform as safety impact goggles yet have the soft comfort of glasses. Snug fit strap and foam flange seal offer extra protection, while the polycarbonate, anti-fog coating provides a clear, UV-free lens.

The reliable combination of safety goggles and glasses, Fectoggles goggles are an innovation in protective eyewear. A foam flange seals the perimeter of the lens to help keep out particulates and sweat, while a fire-retardant, braided, elastic strap holds the goggles firmly to your profile. This unique lens has no parting lines to obstruct view and is adaptable for indoor or outdoor use.




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