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Respirator Cartridge Color Chart

NIOSH Respirator Color Chart Coding

The NIOSH Respirator Color Coding Chart can get a bit confusing.  Here is an easy to use guide to figuring out the color coding system.  Respirator filters and cartridges have the color coding on them.  Below you will see the respirator cartridge color chart

NIOSH Respirator Filter Colors

Black:  Organic Vapors.
White: Acid Gas.
White/Green:  Hydrocyanic Acid Gas.
White/Yellow:  Chlorine Gas.
Yellow:  Acid Gases and Organic Vapors.
Yellow/Blue:  Hydrocyanic Acid Gas and Chloropicrin Vapor.
Green:  Ammonia Gas.
Green/White:  Acid Gases and Ammonia Gas.
Brown: Acid gases, organic vapors and Ammonia Gases.
Magenta (Purple): P100 Protection 99.97 filtration of particulates.
Olive:  Multi-Contaminant and CBRN agent.
Orange: P95, P99, R95, R99, R100 Oil resistant filters with 95% particulate filtration.
Teal:  N95, N99, N100 Filters at least 95% particulates non-oil resistant.
Blue:  Carbon Monoxide.

Respirator Filters and Cartridges

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