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Disposable Respirators

Disposable Respirators

Disposable Respirator Masks by 3M, North Safety, Moldex and MSA for sale from Safety NW

Particulate filtering facepiece disposable respirators – Sometimes referred to as disposable respirators because the entire respirator is discarded when it becomes unsuitable for further use due to considerations of hygiene, excessive resistance, or physical damage. These are also commonly referred to as “N95s.”
Disposable Respirators will have the following designations.
N- Disposable Respirator is Non oil proof
R- Disposable Respirator is Resistant to oil
P- Disposable Respirator is Oil Proof
95- Disposable Respirator filters 95% of particulates
99- Disposable Respirator filters 99% of particulates
100- Disposable Respirator filters 99.97% of particulates

A disposable respirator with out at least an N95 rating is commonly called a dust mask. Dust masks offer some protection, but it is extremely important to pick a disposable respirator with at least an N95 rating.

Disposable Respirators are commonly used by healthcare providers and industrial workers.  Some applications for disposable respirators are grinding, sanding, insulation and welding. Disposable Respirators are used as an economical way to provide respiratory protection to workers with a smaller investment.  

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