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What Does P100 mean?

What Does P100 mean?

What is P100?

NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) designates the respirator cartridges and some disposable respirators P100.  The P means Oil Proof.  The 100 refers to filtration of particulates (filters 99.97 of particulates).  The NIOSH designation of P100 is the highest ranking for respiratory protection.  While the most common use of the term P100 typically used to refer to half mask and full face mask respirator cartridges, there are some disposable respirators that also carry the P100 designation, like the 3M 8293.

The most common P100 Respirator Cartridges and Filters are the 3M 2091 Filter and 3M 2097 Filter for 3M Half Mask Respirators  and 3M Full Face Mask Respirators and the North 7580P100 Cartridge for the North Half Mask Respirators and North Full Face Mask Respirators. These Respirator Cartridges are typically more durable and last longer than the disposable respirators.

NIOSH Respirator Reference

P100 Color Code:  Magenta

P: Oil Proof

R:  Oil Resistant

N:  Non Resistant to Oil

100:  Filters 99.97% of Particulates

99:  Filters 99% of Particultes

95:  Filters 95% of Particulates

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